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Easy to use: Large backlit LCD Humisteam Xplus - Carel USA
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Reliability: Easy, fast and risk-free maintenance


Performance: Faster starts and reaches the set point much quicker
Connectivity: Integrated Modbus communication protocol

Suitable for all applications that require independent control based on a humidity sensor reading; this is the most complete model, available in sizes from 3.3 to 286 lbs/h. The controller derives from the CAREL® pCO® series of programmable controllers, with a six button terminal and large LCD (graphic symbols and texts available in different languages).


  • Whole range from 3.3 to 286 lbs/hr, new 40 lbs/hr
  • Large alphanumeric/backlit graphic display (up to 8 lines of text)
  • User interface in several languages
  • Programmable control from pCO® family
  • The user interface can be mounted remote

Technical Features:

  • ON/OFF, Proportional, Modulating with 1 or 2 probes
  • Signals: 0-1V, 0-10V, 0-20mA, 4-20mA, 0-135 Ohm
  • On twin cylinder units: series/parallel operation, compensation
  • Automatic water concentration management
  • Daily and weekly timer for time zones and scheduled set points
  • Drain by inactivity, programmable periodic drain
  • Complete set of diagnostics



  • multilanguage
  • complete diagnostics with text messaging, alarm log with time stampling
  • remote diagnostics via GSM (optional)

pHc Controller


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