Contractor Bundle

Contractor Bundle
  • General characteristics

    Many companies working in the food retail sector deal with specific, sector-specific activities, for example, maintenance companies that manage facilities by avoiding cold failures. That's why the benefit they get from using digital services is only part of all the value the end customer gets.

    The most common situation is the case of companies that are in charge of the maintenance management of the chain of shops, or a part of it. In this case the main focus is on alarm management, from notification to triage, in order to optimise their business and provide a better service to the end customer, resulting in a better service level agreement and increased business and profit potential.

    The Contractor bundle focuses on this type of customer, providing a complete set of features that can optimise the operational management of maintenance activities through a simple and intuitive interface.




  • Brochure
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    Code +3000226EN
    Description Service Portfolio for Retail Applications
    Language ENG 
    Date 10/06/2021
    Release 1.0
    Code +3000224EN
    Description Educational - Make the best use of HVAC/R application technologies and systems
    Language ENG 
    Date 01/06/2021
    Release 1.0