easy milk chiller

easy milk chiller
  • General characteristics

    milk chiller is the new controller of the easy series range, specific for the conservation and refrigeration of milk.
    It shares the same features and functions of the easy series range: aesthetically pleasant, easy to install, customise and configure.

    milk chiller can be also used for other applications: dryers, metering devices, mixers. The second output can in fact be used to manage a generic actuator (cyclical on/off with variable duty cycle). In these cases, the milk chiller faceplate can be replaced with the CAREL standard.




  • Technical Leaflets
    Code Description Language Date * Release
    Code +050004143
    Description PJEZ* easy - controller electronic pentru unitati statice/ventilate pentru temperature joase / Sterownik elektroniczny dla jednostek nisko i średnio temperaturowych z bez wentylatora parownika i wyposażonych w wentylator parownika
    Language ENG  FRE  GER  POL  ROM  SPA 
    Date 03/06/2009
    Release 1.5
    Code +050004141
    Description PJS1* easy - controlli elettronici per milk chiller / electronic controller for milk chiller
    Language ENG  ITA 
    Date 03/06/2009
    Release 1.1
  • 2D/3D drawings
    Code Description Language Date * Release
    Code 2d-3d easy
    Description 2D-3D drawings
    Language ALL 
    Date 15/10/2013
    Release R0


  • Brochure
    Code Description Language Date * Release
    Code +302240621
    Description easy milk chiller: milk quality under control
    Language ENG 
    Date 14/11/2008
    Release 1.1