Cella range

  • General characteristics

    The new UltraCella platform is designed to fit the needs of all cold rooms. It's the result of analysis, experience and understanding of current and future market requirements. It's a new generation of controls based on latest CAREL technology: the powerful platform allows to connect more sensors and loads than other standard solutions, and to handle them with optimized and advanced regulation algorithms, for the total control of cold room. Particular attention is about the usability for all UltraCella users, in all the working phases. Installation, commissioning and daily use: three different phases, in charge to users and customers with different skills and needs: with UltraCella, experience of each one of them will be more than satisfactory, thanks to unique features in the control for cold rooms overview. In terms of offer flexibility, the innovative mechanical modular concept allows to add in a really simple way additional features, both add-on and remote. UltraCella is an "open" platform, ready for next features development. UltraCella is compliant with HACCP International for food safety, first instance in Italy in the family of electronic devices for refrigeration equipment, as statement of its suitability to ensure quality of preserved food.