heaterSteam NA

heaterSteam NA
  • General characteristics

    Range of isothermal resistive humidifiers for steam control and distribution, equipped with graphic display. Available models:
    • UR002, UR004, UR006, UR010, UR013 with steam production capacity up to 13 kg/h (28.66 lb/h), hydraulic connections under the humidifier base;
    • UR020, UR027, UR040, UR053, UR060, UR080 with steam production capacity from 20 to 80 kg/h (44.09 to 176.37 lb/h), hydraulic connections at the side of the humidifier.
  • Plus

    heaterSteam process:
    • Incoloy® 825 heaters; 
    • fast installation using the wizard; 
    • automatic thermal shock; 
    • Modbus and BACnet™ protocols on BMS and Ethernet port; 
    • USB port; 
    • tERA ready; 
    • preheating for rapid production.


    heaterSteam titanium:
    • titanium heaters; 
    • built-in web server; 
    • main/secondary “endurance” function with redundancy and rotation; 
    • wireless sensor reception; 
    • Kevlar scale removal sack; 
    • thermally insulated cylinder.



  • Manuals
    Code Description Language Date * Release
    Code +0300080FR
    Description heaterSteam - UR Humidificateur à résistances électriques
    Language FRE 
    Date 05/02/2018
    Release 1.4
    Code +0300080ES
    Description heaterSteam - UR Humidificador por resistencias eléctricas
    Language SPA 
    Date 05/02/2018
    Release 1.4
    Code +0300080EN
    Description heaterSteam - UR Electric resistance humidifier
    Language ENG 
    Date 05/02/2018
    Release 1.4