humiSteam x-plus NA

humiSteam x-plus NA
  • General characteristics

    Type "X" humiSteam humidifiers represent CAREL's high-end solution in immersed electrode humidifiers. Through extensive integration with BMS systems, the UEX range of humidifiers represents the preferred solution for all applications that require high levels of connectivity to ensure maximum control over operation. Extremely intuitive graphic display with keypad for programming and controlling operation.
  • Plus

    • Reliability: the patented AFS system (Anti Foaming System): detects and manages foam to prevent droplets of water being carried by the steam; 
    • Performance: quick start-up and operation with a wide range of feedwater conductivity values; 
    • Safety: modulating limit probe for maximum safety in the ducts.



  • Manuals
    Code Description Language Date * Release
    Code +030220311
    Description Humiset
    Language ENG 
    Date 01/09/2014
    Release 2.2
    Code +0300041EN
    Description humiSteam x-plus Addendum manual
    Language ENG 
    Date 24/08/2012
    Release 1.1
    Code +030220624
    Description humiSteam x-plus humidificadores
    Language SPA 
    Date 04/08/2009
    Release 1.4
    Code +030220622
    Description humiSteam x-plus humidificateurs
    Language FRE 
    Date 04/08/2009
    Release 1.4
    Code +030220621
    Description humiSteam x-plus humidifiers
    Language ENG 
    Date 04/08/2009
    Release 1.4