CAREL offers employee development programs with the possibility for growth all over the world. Job rotation initiatives in different countries are the result of the company’s significant investments in strengthening a Group culture with a highly international nature. CAREL is present on every continent, and our employees based abroad make up 45% of the company’s workforce.

Currently, CAREL has more than 25 employees working abroad, placed both in Italy and at our foreign subsidiaries.
Each assignment is accompanied by a training plan, either before departure and/or on site, aimed at closing the language and knowledge gap regarding local culture, as well as providing the specific technical skills and cross-competencies needed in the new role.

CAREL promotes the sharing of ideas, knowledge and skills between different international markets, through a solid network of colleagues from different countries and with different professional experiences.

This is how our employees are making a difference all over the world.


Lorena: “I worked for four-and-a-half years at headquarters, in Operations, before taking the opportunity to move to Campinas (SP), in Brazil, where I stayed for three years in the role of Plant Manager, again as part of the Operations team.

This was a very important experience that allowed me not only to strengthen my logistics-production skills, but also to acquire new competencies relating to other company processes, working in close contact with the Sales & Marketing and Finance teams. Moreover, I had the opportunity to learn a new language, Portuguese.”

Alberto: “I first joined CAREL as part of the R&D team, and after eight years, I had the opportunity to work on an interesting IT project at the CAREL subsidiary in Suzhou, China. This was the start of a career path that led me to become Plant Manager. Nine years later, as well as having learnt a new language, I have certainly acquired new skills that cover the whole of the organization”.