easy cool

easy cool
  • General characteristics

    The ideal solution for static plug-in refrigeration units at normal temperature (above 0 °C), designed for installers.
    To supply a solution that is complete, simple to install and easy to use, the controllers are already factory programmed with a standard configuration. The controller comes with a specific instruction sheet, describing assembly details, probe and actuator connections and configuration parameters.
    The pleasant appearance, combined with the IP65 level of protection, makes this the ideal solution for plug-in refrigerated showcases, display cases and cabinets for professional kitchens and catering applications.
    The controller can be fully programmed using just 19 parameters.

  • Plus

    • Controller factory programmed and ready to be used
    • Limited number of parameters;
    • Just 31 mm thick;
    • 16 A compressor relay.



  • Technical Leaflets
    Code Description Language Date * Release
    Code +050004126
    Description EASY COOL (PZD2SNP0E1): Régulateurs électroniques pour unités positives à degivrage à air / Elektronische regelaar voor positieve toepassingen
    Language FRE 
    Date 08/09/2020
    Release 1.2
    Code +050004128
    Description EASY COOL (PZD*S*P***): controladores electrónicos para unidades estáticas a temperatura normal
    Language SPA 
    Date 28/07/2011
    Release 1.1
  • 2D/3D drawings
    Code Description Language Date * Release
    Code 2d-3d easy
    Description 2D-3D drawings
    Language ALL 
    Date 15/10/2013
    Release R0


  • Brochure
    Code Description Language Date * Release
    Code +3000015FR
    Description easy cool & easy freeze: Régulateurs électroniques pour vitrines et meubles réfrigérés indépendants
    Language FRE 
    Date 14/01/2011
    Release 2.1
    Code +3000015EN
    Description easy cool & easy freeze: electronic controllers for plug-in showcases and cabinets
    Language ENG 
    Date 14/01/2011
    Release 2.1