Red packaging for a Green future


Efficiency has exceeded new limits.
300,000 mq of paint per year?

Efficiency is a key element of CAREL solutions - it is both a goal and a methodology. Because for us, efficiency does not just mean saving energy. It also means added value for our customers’ businesses and precise environmental resource management.
This is why we have worked with our suppliers to create certified green packaging.

Together with our suppliers ,we have designed a solution that allows us to have packaging that is secure and strong, yet also environmentally-friendly. We have developed new coloured packages that use water-based paints rather than acrylic-based, and starch-based rather than vinyl-based adhesives. 
We started with a pilot project in Headquarters, but we are already working in the other plants in order to replace all the packaging used by CAREL by the end of 2016.
Why pollute? 


Chemical emissions?
No thanks.

The red and white colours in the new CAREL packaging is guaranteed with the GREENGUARD Certification Program, which certifies that interior products are lower than the defined chemical emission limits. This helps create healthier indoor environments. 



The future is now!
Planting tomorrow's harvest today.


Our new green packaging is just one of a series of actions aimed at making CAREL solutions more efficient across the board, defining a continuum between content and container. Consequently, many of our plastic packages have been replaced by certified cardboard boxes. At the same time, studies are underway to the reduce the size of our packaging and thus avoid superfluous waste.